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The united states department of housing and urban development hud policy makers stated that for a housing scheme to be affordable, the family should pay nothing more than 30% of its total income on rent and utilities, where they own their own house, not more than 30%. Affordable housing projects will be carried out in the other 5 regional capitals and one hundred deprived district capitols. Ghana cahf centre for affordable housing finance africa. A house consists of many components and the assembly process needs to be project managed in its.

Many of the middleclass people in ghana are selling their property and are being bought up by nonresidents of the country and foreign investors. Therefore, formal sector housing developers both public and private are having to look for lowpriced land on the urban periphery. Housing conditions in ghana housing supply is dominated by informal sector operations with over 90% of the countrys housing stock built incrementally by homeowners and smallscale contractors which typically takes 5 to 15 years to complete a significant proportion of the houses built in this way are of a typology. To download a pdf version of the full 2018 ghana country profile, click here. Apr 16, 2010 housing and urban development in ghana with special reference to lowincome housing. This profile is also available in french here to download a pdf version of the full 2018 ghana country profile, click here the government of ghana s commitment to stabilize the economy is yielding results with declining interest and inflation rates. International journal of civil engineering, construction and. Print this poor housing delivery remains a national headache. Oct 25, 2016 the concept of affordable housing,which was introduced in 2005 by the then new patriotic party npp government, was part of interventions for the housing sector aimed at providing accommodation. List of affordable housing companies and services in ghana. Low cost housing ghana although moladi technology is primarily a manufacturer of a reuseable machine made formwork system that allows walls to be cast stronger faster for less, the principal focus is on the delivery of the whole house. Ghana building code 2018 ghana standards authority. For years, access to affordable residential accommodation has remained a major challenge for many people in urban areas. Prices for homes in ghana and land prices are currently higher than in previous years.

A national housing policy, which seeks to create an enabling environment for the private sector to continue to provide leadership in the delivery of houses, has been launched in accra. It is ghanas leading land developer and operates in a manner that contributes directly to the. An electronic version of this publication is available for download. A survey of housing conditions and characteristics in accra. The bank for housing and construction finances private housing schemes on a mortgage basis. The most common housing market intervention that has been used by the ghana government to deal with housing shortages and rising rents is rent control. Design of housing units, physical infrastructure and social amenities will be carried out using local and foreign consultants. In china, shenzhenbased tencent offers interestfree loans to help. The role of government and regulation in the emerging real estate.

Addressing the challenges of affordable land and housing. The real estate and housing market of ghana has become an important and strategic economic. Housing plays a pivotal role in human lives around the world. Strategic assessment of the affordable housing sector in ghana chf international december 2004 2 on the other side of the land ownership equation, commercial interest groups and the government promote legal land tenure security to assure efficient and profitable use of land and housing and the development of a formal land market. Rising through cities in ghana world bank documents. The regional capitols are cope coast, sekondi, ho, bolgatanga and sunyani. The company, which first entered the country in 2007, is set to provide over 1,000 housing units of selfcontained houses and flats at separate locations in accra and kumasi. The free market system, regulated households access to land for low income housing during the colonial era songsore, 2003. As part of the free compulsory universal basic education, fcube, the. Ghana overview of the current housing rights situation and related activities 1 background and normativeinstitutional framework for the promotion and protection of housing rights.

In a recent report on housing it was noted that in most urban areas only 3. Ghana s 2010 population and housing census phc rec orded the countrys population as 24. State housing company limited ghana overseeing the. As such, it is necessary that the projects architectural solutions balance existing culturetradition and modernization of the society. Ghana housing profile centre for affordable housing. The residential property market in ghana is booming due to the strong economic growth. We have 85 cheap house ads under properties category. Housing and urban development in ghana 2004 edition open. It can simply be described as housing provided by individuals and. While poor housing can ordinarily be generalized to ghana gss, 20a. That is all for now, we will soon come up with some interesting facts about affordable housing in ghana. However, the cost of servicing the land in th case of the latter often makes the housing developed thereon unaffordable to lower and even middleincome households ihc 2007. The government of ghanas commitment to stabilize the economy is yielding results.

For more detailed information about affordable housing, download the pdf file from this affordable housing in ghana pdf link where you can get more information about it. Housing has been classified to be one of the basic human needs in order to be protected from harm and ensure survival. From the nzima pile dwellings of nzulezo in the far west of ghana near the border with ivory coast, to the ewe villages in the hills of the volta region, indigenous people use building methods and architecture which evolved from their environment, receiving their form through the geology, topography and climate of the area, and influenced by the. News ghana is ghana s leading online news portal for business in west africa and around the world. Urban housing supply challenges and implications for. The housing challenges in ghana are therefore of two types.

The study examined the housing conditions of households in residential units within the wa municipality of ghana. Boamah, 2014, both anecdotal national catholic health services, 2010 and more substantive gss, 20b evidence indicate. Emerging ghana is modular single family home design to be built with local materials, local labor, and with all the best sustainable design strategies you can imagine, and just won the open source. Although rent control has been implemented in ghana since the 1930s, the basis of all post1957 rent legislation in ghana has been the rent act 1963 act 220. The development of public housing in ghana, however, has over the years, provided the bulk of housing developments in the country. Jan 23, 2007 20070123 since ghana gained independence 50 years ago housing issues have been dominated by the government sector, housing consultant ohene sarfoh told the statesman in an interview. Act 527 constitution of the republic of ghana amendment act, 1996. Ghana is experiencing modernization in part through the effects of western influence. See government of ghana national housing policy 2015.

According to article 18 of the 1992 constitution of ghana, the right to adequate housing is intricately. Housing rights issues discussed in this report 4 2. As empirically depicted in the ghana housing profile of 2011, the situation of quantitative and qualitative challenges in the housing sector is very serious, requiring urgent action. Food, chemistry and material standards fms technical coordination services.

All rooms are ensuite with kitchen and living room. The study employed mainly interviews and focus group discussions. It does so by surveying the literature on affordable. Addressing the housing issue in ghana graphic online. As with other sectors of the economy, ghana has adopted a neoclassical approach to housing development rapley, 2002. National housing policy launched in accra government of ghana. The paper explores the affordable housing situation in ghana by using kumasi and tamale as study area.

It examines the contribution of the formal finance institutions to the provision of affordable housing in ghana. In 1982, the government established the state housing construction co. The policy has the overall goal of providing decent and affordable housing that is accessible and sustainable. Ghana officially the republic of ghana, is a country located along the gulf of guinea and. It also determines the extent to which government interventions have been successful in providing affordable housing for ghanaians. This is an ultramodern facility located at winneba close to university of education and perez university.

State housing company limited is committed to the objective of nationwide profitable and housing agency, which makes housing easily accessible to institutions and individual ghanaians at home and abroad. Read the red sea housing service 2018 annual report pdf version. The housing must offer a quality of living that is desirable to the midusers to invest in. Published 2004 by united nations human settlements programme in nairobi, kenya. In the first phase of construction, 180 apartment blocks comprised of over 1,500 flats were built within a very short time. Ghana s housing needs have been increasing as the main towns grow in population. Provision of affordable housing for the low and some middle income groups has become one of the major developmental challenges faced by government, the private sector as well as individuals in accra with an ever growing housing deficit. The project is a ten town houses under a gated development. Although the factors which influence the development of housing finance systems in developing countries have been identified in the literature, the interconnectedness of these factors has not been adequately examined. Affordable housing ghana list of ghana affordable housing. Housing is beginning to be a vital issue in government policy in ghana, at least insofar as there is now an emerging shelter strategy. A 50 bed hostel facility with all requisite documentations from ghana tourism, epa, fire and police reports done, is up for sale.

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