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Factors that influence male involvement in family planning. A basic model for male involvement in sexual and reproductive health and rights. Approaches may include seminars and media mass media like radio jinglesdrama, bulk sms and print. The current study aimed at determining the level of mens knowledge about obstetric danger signs, and their involvement in bpcr among community of. Various programmes target different groups of menfrom husbands to fathers, from soldiers to religious leadersto achieve different goals, from hiv prevention to greater male involvement in family life. Lowt, as it is commonly known, can be diagnosed via a blood test by your doctor. Uganda the role of male involvement in reproductive. Change is slowly taking place, and men are increasingly working alongside women to support gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls. Male involvement in reproductive, maternal and child health. The health workers in mombasa should come up with health education and communication strategies to improve public knowledge and perception towards male involvement and ultimately improve the level.

Male involvement in family planning and reproductive health in rural central india academic dissertation to be presented, with the permission of the board of the school of health sciences of the university of tampere, for public discussion in the auditorium of school of health sciences, medisiinarinkatu 3. Male reproductive health an overview sciencedirect topics. Barriers to male involvement in contraceptive uptake and. Martha kirabo, member of whtf and 5th year medical student from makerere university, uganda writes about the role of male involvement in reproductive health interventions martha and project team training peer trainers on the relevance of family planning. Mens supportive stance is an essential component for making womens world better.

One area of particular concern is how chemicals can either suppress production or block the action of testosterone. Pdf male involvement in reproductive health researchgate. Sociodemographic and structural predictors of involvement. Unfpasupported initiatives emphasize mens positive roles in sexual and reproductive health and rights. Traditionally, efforts to improve information, counseling and access to. Gender equality cannot be achieved without the involvement of men and boys. Male involvement in maternal health care is a relatively new approach in malawi. Several studies have identified health system as unwelcoming, uncooperative and intimidating for male involvement in mch, childbirth and other activities. Engaging men in sexual and reproductive health and rights. However, existing programmes tend to share potentially problematic aspects. Gender, male involvement, reproductive health, kenya. However, little is known regarding the impact of male partner antenatal accompaniment beyond hivrelated perinatal outcomes. Male involvement is key to reproductive health policy project.

In png women have been the principal targets of sexual and reproductive health services over the past decades and. The goal of the program is to promote through informed choice, safer reproductive health practices by women, men and youth including use of quality and accessible reproductive health services. The meeting was originally planned to help cdc staf and our federal colleagues gain insights into the emerging areas of public health activities related to male reproductive health. Cdc supports several projects that educate, engage, and involve young men in reproductive health in innovative. Lecture notes on reproductive health carter center. Similar to many other male reproductive issues, low testosterone is often linked to existing health issues, some of which include diabetes, obesity, infection, an additional hormone disorder, testicular cancer, and et cetera. Male involvement programs have improved family health in cambodia the ministry of women affairs mowa. Encouraging male partners to accompany women to antenatal care anc is an important first step in engaging men on maternal and newborn health. Factors influencing male participation in reproductive. Male involvement in pregnancy and childbirth influences pregnancy outcomes 16. This model on male involvement builds on the experiences from this project which uses male involvement as a strategy to improve srhr. This study was therefore designed to explore the challenges and determine way forward to male involvement in fp in olorunda local government area, osogbo, nigeria. Male reproductive health is complex and there are many ways in which it can be affected by chemical exposure.

Factors that influence male involvement in sexual and reproductive health in western kenya. Reproductive health national institute of environmental. Evidence has shown that family planning improves maternal and child health, reduces poverty and empowers women. Reproductive health barriers to male involvement in contraceptive uptake and reproductive health services. Level of male involvement was associated with schooling experience, type of residency and exposure to electronic media. The challenges of male involvement in cambodia 2 3. In view of the importance of male involvement in srh, malawi ministry of health incorporated male involvement policy statements and strategies in its recent sexual and reproductive health and rights srhr policy.

Male involvement in family planning and reproductive. Pdf factors influencing male participation in reproductive health. Gaps in information on male involvement were identified. Cdc has been addressing male reproductive health for almost a decade, convening its first male reproductive health summit, advancing mens reproductive health in the united states cdc pdf pdf 45 pages, 2. Reproductive health refers to the condition of male and female reproductive systems during all life stages. Impact of male partner involvement on modern contraceptive. Since the 1994 international conference on population and development, male involvement in reproductive health issues has been advocated as a means. Factors that influence male involvement in sexual and reproductive. Ovaries in females and testicles in males are reproductive organs, or gonads, that maintain health of their respective systems. The overtly gynocentric approach of the policy makers to reproductive health issues further discourages male involvement. Mens active involvement in reproductive healthcare has shown to be positively associated with maternal and child health outcomes. More recently, however, male involvement in reproductive health has become a popular theme among reproductive health programme designers, policy makers, and population researchers. Pdf introduction male involvement in reproductive health is an essential.

Unpublished masters dissertation, university of ghana, 20. National health policy programs aimed at promoting male involvement in reproductive care. This could eventually improve maternal and reproductive health within ntchisi district. Male involvement in reproductive, maternal and child. These systems are made of organs and hormoneproducing glands, including the pituitary gland in the brain.

The workshop participants also discussed the fact that when an idea, like male involvement in reproductive health, is perceived as new, community ownership is even more critical to a programs success. Challenges and opportunities for male involvement in. Male involvement in the maternal health care system. Within the context of unfpa country programmes and ongoing activities, there are many ways that gender can be mainstreamed into reproductive health activities and programmes a culturally sensitive approach to decisionmaking and service and information provision can help to improve the quality of unfpas support without incurring a great deal. This paper begins by outlining the key issues involving men in reproductive health entails and.

Evidence suggests that mens active participation in decisions about family planning and reproductive health promotes better health for families. This is one of the subareas found in the mens health section of sexual and reproductive health section of the database. It reduces negative maternal health behaviors 27, risk of preterm birth, low birth weight, fetal growth restriction and infant mortality 27. Communication was identified as a programming area of particular importance. Bangladesh has made appreciable progress in its pursuance of maternal mortality related goals in the framework of the mdgs. The importance of involving men in reproductive, maternal and child health programs has gained increasing recognition since the mid1990s when key international conferences in cairo and beijing highlighted the tremendous benefits that actively engaging men can have for the health of men, women and children 17.

Male involvement in the elimination of mothertochild transmission of hiv healthcare services peacock et al. Male involvement in fp could assist in reducing shame about going to the fp clinic, ignorance among men and in increasing understanding of the importance of shared decisionmaking and responsibilities in fp. Factors influencing male participation in reproductive health. Involving men in reproductive health faith to action network. All indicators for this area include a definition, data requirements, data sources, purpose. The factors that influence male involvement in reproductive health emerged in two themes, namely gender norms and the traditional approaches used to implement reproductive health and family planning programs. Male involvement in reproductive health is an essential. This study shows that there is a broader understanding among the respondents about the determinants influencing male participation in reproductive health. Any strategy taken to involve men in reproductive health must therefore consider addressing these two factors. A study on factors hindering husbands from participating.

There are growing debates among policymakers and researchers on the role of males in maternal health programmes, which is a big challenge in india where society is male driven. The findings, therefore created more profound understanding and complement other similar quantitative studies exploring several factors responsible for male involvement in reproductive health. However, there remains a lot to be accomplished to realise the longterm goals for which active participation of male counterparts in. Reproductive health is defined as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, in all matters related. Milton ghirellifilho, sidney glina, in bioenvironmental issues affecting mens reproductive and sexual health, 2018. Men, by and large remain invisible from the reproductive health scene. Now men can focus on their own health noncommunicable diseases, weight, diet, smoking. Traditionally, maternal health care services have focused on women, with very little male involvement. Barriers of discussion concerning sexual and reproductive.

This crosssectional study involved the use of a fourstage. Still, exactly what male involvement means remains open to widely divergent interpretations. Male involvement in the who world health organization. Welcome to the programmatic area on male engagement in reproductive health rh programs within measure evaluations family planning and reproductive health indicators database. The first srhr policy was formulated in 2002 and was revised in 2009. There is epidemiological and physiological evidence 7, 8 that male involvement reduces maternal stress by emotional, logistical and financial support 1, 4.

Public health officials have advocated the involvement of men as a strategy for addressing the dismal performance of family planning fp programmes. In the last few years more attention has been focusing on the issue of male involvement 1 in reproductive health, and as its importance is acknowledged, more programmes are trying to incorporate it as one of their components. Introduction to male reproductive health disorders related to male reproductive health may develop during fetal development, childhood, adolescence, or adulthood multiple causes for alterations in male reproductive functioning increasing evidence of involvement of environmental. Male engagement in reproductive health programs measure.

Given that male involvement in maternal health care is a relatively new approach, and it touches on the. Strategies to create awareness on male involvement in fp issues should be given priority at the clinical and community levels, with the aim of increasing the number of adopters of male involvement in fp. In many contexts worldwide, men tend to be the decision makers within. In 2014, an estimated 225 million women in developing countries had the unmet need for modern contraceptives. Whilst global recognition of the importance of male involvement in sexual and reproductive health srh emanated from the 1994 international conference on population and development held in cairo, it is a relatively new concept in papua new guinea png. Poor utilization of services by both men and women is reflected in high maternal mortality and high rates of hivaids and sexually transmitted infections in the southern highlands province. Today, it is widely recognized that improving womens status and advancing their rights yields benefits for whole societies, not just women and girls. Educating and engaging young men in reproductive health.

Challenges and opportunities for male involvement in reproductive health in cambodia naomi walston policy project cambodia june. Lack of male involvement and support for sexual and reproductive health services is seen by many papua new guinean women as a barrier to accessing services. Considerable evidence from cambodia and elsewhere has shown the benefits of involving male in reproductive health. Factors that influence male involvement in sexual and. Men can support reproductive and sexual health since they are more likely than women to be literate and to have better access to information, and are. Participation of men in reproductive health issues leads to a better understanding between. Factors associated with male involvement in reproductive. One of the essential components of antenatal care anc is birth preparedness and complication readiness bpcr. Strengthening bpcr measures is one of the principal strategies to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity. Reasons for engaging men in family planning and reproductive health issues. Male involvement in sexual and reproductive health in the. Male involvement in maternity health care in malawi. Factors influencing male involvement in family planning in.

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