Correct setup for hitting a driver

But ensuring success off the tee isnt as simple as hitting a 300yard drive in the fairway. I hadnt realized it but over time i had let my tee position with my driver shift more towards the middle of the stance, and was teeing the ball way too low these were the other suggestions he made to me. Imprints left on the toe side of the centerline mean trouble. Playing a golf hole successfully starts with a wellexecuted tee shot. It will feel like you are hitting up the slope with the weight on the right leg at address and through impactthats the feeling you want on the tee. Consider the following photo of the appropriate posture when hitting a driver. We strongly recommend that you practise hitting your driver with your normal setup, with the same ball position and stance width that you use for every other club. It starts with a fundamentallysound alignment, grip and stance. Our goal is to get enough spin to achieve lift, while minimizing hopefully eliminating drag.

Cure your golf heel shots for good hitting it solid. Jul 24, 20 achieving the proper spine angle and position, for your own body, at address is vital for a successful golf swing. Take your golf posture and hold as normal but now pull your arms and hands in close to your chest. Instead, they will grab a long iron and hit that instead of their driver because they want to be sure they know where their shot is going to end up and they dont want to add strokes to their scorecard. We have talked about the importance of the ball position in golf. Instead, you are going to sweep the ball off the tee with the club head moving roughly parallel to the ground at impact. Perhaps you might even catch it further left off the driver clubface which results in a golf shank and the ball flies straight 45 degrees right into a water hazard or out of bounds. This free golf instruction is designed to help you create a routine that will help you setup the same way every time. In this video youll learn what determines the bottom of your swing arc so that you can hit crisp iron shots every time and stop chunking the ball or topping it.

Once you are proficient with the swing like a champion system, this position will be just fractionally behind the bottom of your swing arc, so youre still striking the ball with a slightly negative angle of attack. For these reasons, understanding the proper fundamentals of how to hit a driver should be one of the top priorities for any golfer. Drives are too high golf tip its possible to hit your drives too high, even when you make solid contact. So many golfers are short circuiting their swings because they misunderstand how to position their head at address. If you set up correctly, theres a much better chance of you hitting a decent shot. Are you guilty of hitting your driver off the heel and slicing the ball out to the right.

As you set up to hit your driver, try to align the ball with the inside of your left heel for a right handed golfer. The stance address the ball by placing your feet wideshoulder distance apart for the tee shot when hitting a driver. For maximum distance, find out how to properly set up for the driver and how the driver setup differs from the irons. Approach the ball and stand with your feet about shoulder width apart and your body weight evenly distributed on each foot. Your golf swing has a major affect on where you will strike the ball on the face of the driver, but for the purposes of this article i want to talk about how a change in your setup can help accommodate the current swing you have.

Jun 10, 2014 by taking the time to learn what you need to do with the driver in order to find both more distance and better accuracy, you can improve your overall game in the long run. Achieving the proper spine angle and position, for your own body, at address is vital for a successful golf swing. It is a key factor in enabling you to turn efficiently, and to swing powerfully and consistently, while protecting your back and avoiding back pain and injury. The colorful young player tells readers they dont need to be big to hit the ball far, they just need to set up properly and release correctly. The complete driver guide pga golf coach, rick shiels. It is also a task that is loaded with opportunities for the golfer to make mistakes. Correct position of the hands at address free online golf tips. Youll need to follow these before every single shot with. Helpful videos from some of golf channels top instructors on how to achieve the proper golf setup to excel at your game. One of the best ways to improve your consistency is to make sure that your ball position is correct. You need a good preshot routine, a full shoulder turn on the backswing and a complete followthrough. The wider stance helps position the head behind the ballexactly where it should be. Indeed, for shots using a longer club such as a driver, your feet will be spaced out further than they will when hitting a shot using a shorter club, such as a.

Learn how to swing a driver in the most efficient manner with rotary swing. You should feel a little more pressure on the inside of your right thigh. The key to hitting the ball farther with the modern, 460cc driver and modern golf ball which spins much less off of a flat face than balls of the past is high launch angle combined with a low spin rate. Proper driver setup is essential to success on the tee. To get a feel for the correct weight distribution at address, try this drill. When playing a dogleg, a golfer may have to play a slight draw or fade shot, which makes understanding the proper stance critical to hitting a driver successfully. Dont use these tees with your other clubs as these tees are specifically designed to work with a driver shot. All the golf magazines and pundits on tv are talking about how you should tee it. Golf iron set up to hit pure iron shots hitting it solid. A proper setup can be fairly complex, but once you get everything in the correct position, you can pretty much forget about it. You are correct that at impact we want to see the body. While no golfer is going to hit every fairway they face, the ability to hit most of your fairways will put you way ahead of the game. The correct height should be different from person to person.

So, to sum up how to correctly set up to hit your driver, the things you want to remember are. Approach the ball and stand with your feet about shoulder width apart and your. Heres how to position the golf ball in your stance. The setup is the most important element of the swing, and all too often amateurs and even professionals struggle because of poor address positions. A proper setup can be fairly complex, but once you get everything in the correct position, you can pretty much forget about it and focus on your specific. Setup for an iron, position the ball about two inches inside your left heel and assume a neutral spine tilt your right shoulder should be only slightly lower than your left. Practice your swing as often as possible, then adjust your. Few things get a golfer as pumped up as hitting a driver off the tee. Mastering the swing depends on both stance and swing mechanics. I still like a 6040 set up position for the driver.

The golf swing setup, or address position, is a critical part of hitting a good shot. From beginners to more advanced players the big stick is the one we all want to hit and hit with distance and consistency. Instant access to the latest news, videos and photos from around the world. Practice your swing as often as possible, then adjust your swing to fix any issues you notice so. Learning how to get the correct driver grip is one of the most important aspects in adding power to your drive. Nov 10, 2011 shots struck off the ground need to be hit with a descending blow and shots struck off an elevated tee are better when hit with an upward blow fact. Foremost golf pro darren everett explains that the key is to not grip the club too much in the palm of our hands. Indeed, for shots using a longer club such as a driver, your feet will be spaced out further than they will when hitting a shot using a shorter club, such as a wedge or a short iron.

Correct golf ball position for driver, irons, wedges. Correct position of the hands at address free online. There are several key steps for a golf driver stance setup routine. Learn the differences for solid contact by doug hammer, pga, with mike chwasky. Tee the ball low and hit down on the ball just like you would with a long iron, hybrid, or 3wood, scuffing the ground after the ball as you take a divot. How to hit a driver or 1 wood is all about just that hitting driver. It is very important that you have a great setup for every shotbut especially with the driver. If you havent seen that yet, check out part 3 of this mini series. As you change clubs and ball position, this will alter the angle of the club shaft. Lets look at five key fundamentals to hitting the driver to help get you pointed in the right direction during your very next round. Chris ryan, the belfry, runs you through these positions and. How to hit a driver swing tips for distance and consistency. When hitting a driver, you are not hitting down as you would when hitting irons from the fairway.

There are both similarities and differences to be aware of when comparing the driver swing to the iron swing. Nov 01, 2007 to strike the ball properly, you must learn the key differences between iron and driver impact. Learn whats correct based on the physics of the golf swing and your anatomy. Butch harmons best driver tips will get you hitting it straight and long.

The good news is getting the proper golf iron set up is not difficult. The importance of the correct head position at address. In part 4 of this perfect golf setup guide, well look at the correct golf ball position for each club weve already covered the correct distance to the golf ball and a quick test that you can use to make sure youre not setting up too close or too far away. When using a driver, setting your feet properly is the first step to a correct stance. Professional at the belfry shows you a simple pre shot routine that can help you address the ball much better with the driver and hit more fai. Where you position the handle of the driver is vitally impoertant for straight tee shots, although many golfers do this incorrectly. The video below looks at the ideal golf ball position. I tend to struggle off of the tee because my driver can send the ball in both directions slice and hook. The position of the hands at setup, in relation to the golf ball, can help to determine the quality of your ball striking in the previous instalments of this golf setup series, weve looked at the correct ball position for each club, and the ideal distance you should be standing away from the golf ball. Hitting the driver straight duke university golf course. Your feet should be positioned apart from each other in a way that is coherent with the shot at hand. Driver setup when a good player sets up to hit the driver, he or she invariably does so with a nice, wide stance and with the ball positioned opposite the left heel.

The three key areas of any golf swing are the address, the position at the top of the swing, and the impact position. The recommended driver setup moves the ball up 2 golf ball diameters towards your left foot. The complete driver guide pga golf coach, rick shiels guides you step by step on how to hit your golf driver, better, longer, straighter and more consistent than. In this short video, pga professional golfer todd kolb explains the elements of the correct golf setup. The proper tee height should be different depending on the type of shots you prefer to hit. Its easy to learn and will take just seconds to implement. Also, clearing the hips helps maintain the correct spine angle through impact, which promotes a proper weight shift and ultimately, solid. Aug 09, 2015 if your golf iron set up is not right you are harming your chances of hitting great iron shots right from the start.

A good tee shot is often the leadin to a good golf score. These are the specific tees you want to use when hitting your driver. Align your body to play the ball off the heel of your left foot righthanders or the heel of your left foot lefthanders. With this concept, the shaft will be angled slightly towards. Swinging your irons the iron swing is very different than the driver swing so you need a different setup. Understanding pressure and weight distribution in golf can help you get more consistency and control out of your swing. If your golf iron set up is not right you are harming your chances of hitting great iron shots right from the start. Jan 30, 2020 the old adage has always been that the top of the driver should be about halfway up the ball when it is teed up. For iron shots, you need to make a descending blow, hitting the ball first and then taking. One of the greatest skills you can have on the golf course is the ability to hit your driver down the middle of the fairway time after time. Correct golf ball position for driver, irons, wedges free. Being able to swing a driver properly leads to tee shots that land with distance and accuracy on the fairway.

A great golf iron set up puts you in a fantastic position to make solid impact with the golf ball. While trackman stats for the pga tour may show that on average tour players hit down on their driver 1. How and where to position the golf ball in your stance. If you dont start in the proper position, itll be really difficult to create the desired result. Nov 20, 20 we strongly recommend that you practise hitting your driver with your normal setup, with the same ball position and stance width that you use for every other club. Is tigers setup position here for the driver correct. In this video, we talk about an aspect of your setup that could be severely impeding your ability to complete your backswing and access your target. Science proves traditional golf ball position is wrong. However, there is no question that if you are a golfer who has mostly been hitting down on the ball with your driver, you can pick up some serious yardage by fixing this. The hands are neither forwardpressed nor angled behind the clubhead. But i dont think there is one correct tee height for everyone. Data is data, but the real feedback you should be tracking is where the ball is.

Wind up your torso over a stable lower body with your main focus on leaning your upper body away from the target. Even a small adjustment to your golf swing can make an enormous difference in the trajectory of the ball. Pros and good players know that the ball position is one of the most important aspects in golf. He simply said, you need to hit up on the ball, and your setup is all wrong. This is the perfect setup for a powerful, accurate, consistent and safe golf swing. Stop hitting shots off the toe with these four easy moves. Many people avoid hitting their driver because they dont always have the kind of control they need with their shot off of their driver. Obviously, excess height will decrease how far the ball rolls, and it can hurt your carry distance, too. The reverse spine swing fault is a killer when it comes to hitting your driver as well as causing injuries. The correct ball position for the long irons and fairway woods is two balls toward the targetside foot from center two balls left for the righthander. Jul 16, 2019 traditional golf ball position is wrong.

But it all begins with the proper setup, which will place your body and the club in the correct positions to execute a powerful swing. There are many methods for tee height for a driver shot. It is the club that you are going to hit your ball the longest. Golf grip how to correctly grip your golf club during your. What scares the devil out of me is hitting a driver from a tree lined, narrow space tee box in order to get the ball to the fairway. However, with a 460cc driver often still called an oversized driver, even though 460cc is pretty much the standard size these days, its recommended you set the ball high enough on the tee such that the top of the driver is no more than onethird of the way up the ball.

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